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Showcase Rail Tours Canada
Canadian Destinations

Showcase Canada, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Ocean. Depart from Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto

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Rail Tour Packages throughout Canada, Alaska, the USA and Europe - the best Rail Tour Destinations in the World

FAQ – Europe Rail Tours

Accommodation & Services

Most of our rail tours are available with the following options: (1) Standard or Classic Rail Tours - Transportation in compartments with roomy, rotating and reclining seats, large picture windows, complimentary snacks and beverages, assigned seats and other services as indicated under each individual tour schedule. Overnight accommodation in moderate *** and/or first class hotels or resorts ****. Our advertised "Standard Rail Tour Rates" are applying without any additional surcharges !  (2) Upgrade Deluxe Rail Tours - Transportation in custom designed bi-level "Dome" rail compartments with full-length windows, special reclining and rotating dome seats, exclusive dining room, complimentary gourmet snacks and beverages. Guaranteed accommodation in first class **** hotels. Please add the advertised "Upgrade Deluxe Rail Tour Rates" to the "Standard Rail Tour Rates" (3) Upgrade Deluxe Rail Tours & Fairmont Hotels - Transportation in custom designed bi-level "Dome" compartments with full-length windows, special reclining and rotating dome seats, exclusive separate dining room, complimentary gourmet snacks and beverages. Guaranteed accommodation in deluxe Fairmont ***** destination resorts and hotels. Please add the advertised "Upgrade Deluxe Fairmont Rail Tour Rates" to the "Standard Rail Tour Rates". Please Note: If our regular advertised standard or first class hotels are sold out we reserve the right to substitute hotel accommodation of a similar category. Guaranteed accommodation in Fairmont Hotels including a large room and/or premium view. Fairmont Hotel rooms - aka - "Fairmont Category" are providing a maximum occupancy for 2 clients. Accommodation for parties of 3 + clients (triple and/or quad rooms) may be allocated to a larger Fairmont Deluxe Room or Suite. For further information please check the „Info Center“. Additional nights for pre/post touring accommodation are available. Applicable local taxes are not included and will be added automatically to each reservation. Tax rebates are not longer available in Canada.

MAP – Modified American Plan (Breakfast & Dinner) is available upon request.
Attractions Passport
Includes complimentary admission to the following selected attractions on your rail tour.
  1. Vancouver: The Lockout, Trolley City Tour
  2. Victoria: Royal BC Museum
  3. Banff: Banff Gondola, Upper Hot Springs
  4. Jasper: Tramway including Transportation
  5. Calgary: The Tower
Children Rate
We provide a reduced tour rate for children up to 12 years. Please refer to each individual rate table for more information.
Children will be accommodated in parents room.
City Passport Value Coupons
City Passport offers you some of the best year round travel deals and visitor information for Canada’s major tourist destinations. We provide our clients with separate editions for Toronto & Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, or Victoria. Savings of up to 50 % are available at many tourist attractions e.g. Vancouver: IMAX Theatre, Grouse Mountain Gondola, Vancouver Aquarium and in a variety of Restaurants, Museums etc. These added value coupons are included in some of our tours. Please refer to the service section at each individual tour package.
Gratuities for the onboard rail -, transfer - and other staff is completely at the discretion of each traveler. Thus, it is appropriate to leave a gratuity of $10.00-15.00 per person for any standard 2-day rail tour and $25.00–30.00 for any deluxe 2-day rail tour.
Hotel Accomodation
For information on the hotels used during your rail tour vacation, please refer to the separate section
Luggage Transfer & Access
(1) Standard Rail Tours: All items required for your hotel overnights in Kamloops and/or Quesnel must be in one carry-on bag taken on-board. Guests do not have access to their luggage. (2) Deluxe Rail Tours: Your entire luggage will be delivered to your hotel.
Are not allowed onboard (except assistance dogs)
Reservation Procedures
Reservations are simple. You will be guided automatically through the whole procedures.
  1. Please choose the rail tour you’ll like to reserve.
  2. You’ll find a shopping cart underneath each tour.
  3. Choose the number of travelers and then click „Add to Cart“
  4. The second step shows the tours you selected, the rate, additional taxes and dates.
  5. Click on „Check out“ if everything is OK
  6. If you are already registered please enter your user name and password – if not –
  7. Click on „New“ and provide your billing information
  8. Please fill out all required sections of the form and follow the reservation steps
  9. We respond usually within 24 hours
Most of our rail tour packages are including sightseeing and/or side trips. Please refer to each service section. In addition we also offer a variety of exciting optional sightseeing trips. Optional sightseeing tours are only available in connection with a reservation of the advertised railroad tour package.
Is not permitted onboard the trains.
Tickets & Travel Documents
You’ll receive your tickets, travel documents and tour information either at the departure rail station or at the first hotel. You may pick up the documents one day prior to departure also at our office during regular business hours from 08:30 – 17:30 h
All regular scheduled itinerary transfers are included in our rail tour packages. Pre – and post hotel private limousine transfers for clients arriving and/or departing are included in some package rates.
Wheelchair Access
Some of the coaches are suited to the special space needs of physically challenged guests and are equipped with wheelchair-accessible washrooms. Due to limited aisle space, a specially designed wheelchair is provided by the rail tour company to transfer those who are unable to walk to the washroom. Guests requiring personal care must have their own personal attendant with them who is capable of providing this care.